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Wasaga Beach Farmers Market – Showcasing Fresh, Local, and Sustainable Foods

Wasaga Beach is one of the few freshwater beaches in the world that has the prestigious ‘Blue Flag’ award for maintaining environmental standards on the beach and its nearby areas. Wasaga Beach is also one of the few tourist destinations across the globe which is packed with tourists throughout the year. The reason behind it being a favorite tourist spot for people from around the world is its geographical uniqueness. It is one place where you can find mountains, beaches and snow all together at the same place at different times of the year.

In addition to the rides, hikes, adventure sports, etc. that the beach and town offer, there are also other not so well known attractions that tourists can enjoy. One such event is the Farmer’s market that is held each year during the summer. This year, the Market is being held from 21st May to 8th October on 136th Main Street, Wasaga Beach. The event starts from 8 am onwards and ends at 1 pm in the afternoon.

The fruits and vegetables you buy at the Farmer’s market are the freshest and tastiest available. The fruits are brought to you directly from the farms by the farmers. There is no simulation ripening process and long distance shipping involved in this place. In addition to the regular fruits and vegetables, you can enjoy the seasonal fruits and vegetables at their best.

By buying fresh food from the Wasaga Beach Farmer’s Market, you will also be supporting the local farmers and the economy of the community. Buying from the small farmers not only gives them better returns but also offers them a competitive chance against the large-scale farming favored by globalized food companies.

Most of the foods found in grocery stores look fresh but are not. Your food travels a long distance before getting into your plate. It passes through pesticides, hormones and genetic modifications which reduce the taste and benefits. Alternatively, fresh food that is directly coming from fields not only tastes better but also has essential nutrients for your good health.

In addition to the local produce, you also get a chance to buy local home-cooked food, jams, jellies, conserves, tarts, pies, puddings, cakes, etc. You will be spoilt for choice once you reach the market. The local artists also show their creations here. You can buy exquisite paintings, handicrafts, needlework – things that have long since disappeared from the cities.

So, plan your next vacation to the Wasaga Beach community and enjoy the Farmer’s Market festival and many more activities.

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