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Cottages or Motels in Wasaga Beach for Summertime Fun

Much has been said and written about Wasaga Beach Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. It is the longest freshwater beach in the world and attracts over two million tourists during the peak season in the summer. There are several events that are organized by the local community and the tourism department that are targeted at various groups, be they young college students on a break or families looking to enjoy their time together. The various cottages in Wasaga Beach add to this by giving visitors even more options to savor their time there.

Most of the cottages, rental homes, and inns in the town have large properties that have open barbecue pits or grills that the guests can use. The owners will be more than happy to help you find the choicest meats and sauces that you can share with other residents or have a private family barbecue should you so desire. You also have the option to just cook there and walk over to the beach to enjoy a lovely picnic on the white sands. Just remember to carry a cloth to cover your food or you will literally be having ‘sand’-wiches.

There are other advantages to the large properties, especially the ones located on the banks of the Nottawasaga River. Not all fun is accompanied by shouts of joy and frivolity. Peace and tranquility bring their own brand of fun. They provide an idyllic location to relieve the mind of the stress of one’s regular hectic life and for those so inclined, a great place to meditate or simply reflect in the bosom of nature. For the best options, try to book a room that has a balcony or deck overlooking the river.

Most of the cottages and motels are located within walking distance of the beach and the town center. This is a significant advantage for anyone, but particularly for young families with little children who cannot travel too far on foot. You could take your car into town, but parking space in the summer is not easy to find. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to spend your time looking for a parking spot when you could enjoy the breeze and take in the smells and aromas from the numerous eateries and cafes near the beach and in the center of town.

Wasaga Beach has long been hailed as an excellent place to spend a summer holiday but that is also changing. The town is being developed into a year-round destination, boosting its lesser known winter events and attractions.

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