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Renting a Cottage in Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach is one of the most popular summer destination and is fast on its way to becoming a year-round vacation town. It already sees millions of tourists every year, most of them arriving in the summer months. In fact, getting a place to stay in Wasaga Beach during the peak season can be quite a challenge. People often end up in nearby towns and choose to drive over to Wasaga Beach just to get a chance to enjoy the pristine freshwater beach. Unknown to many, cottages in Wasaga Beach are the perfect alternative to a hotel with or without the back and forth trips.

In many cases, cottages are the better option. For the same quality of accommodation and comfort, a hotel room or suite will cost you a lot more than a cottage. Cottages in Wasaga Beach are often run with a no-frills model which works in your favor. In a hotel, you are paying for the services available, even when you do not use them. Cottages come with their own kitchenette and sufficient items to ensure a comfortable stay without burdening you with the cost of daily housekeeping, replacement towels, room service, and other frivolities.

A cottage stay is not for everyone. If you like room service in the middle of the night, a hotel will be better. But for people who are looking primarily for a comfortable place to stay at a reasonable cost, a cottage is definitely the way to go. Cottages also offer you the advantage of a large property where you can take a morning walk, or sip your morning cup of coffee or tea on a balcony overlooking the Nottawasaga. Many of them also have barbecue grills that the guests can use. The staff will be happy to point out where you can get the best meats and sauces in town.

  • Reviews and Recommendations: These are easier to find for hotels. Most online travel booking sites will not contain the same level of detail for cottages. So, you have to expand your search to include travel websites and even ask acquaintances who have had personal experience.

  • Make Some Calls: Call the property and ask about available facilities. This can reveal details not available online. For instance, they may have upgraded their services or be closed for renovation.

  • Book Early: Do not wait until just a few days before you leave to book your cottage. During the peak season, they may get booked out over a month in advance. Once you have some inkling of a reasonable time of stay, go ahead and confirm your cottage. Last minute changes are easier than last minute bookings.

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