Our visitors are always asking us to recommend good places to eat and interesting things to do. Because we are locals and know most of the places in town, we thought it would be a nice idea to put a list of suggestions together, telling you where to go. We would appreciate your feedback about your experience, so that others may enjoy the same.

Please click on the name of the place to find out more and get directed to them.


Grab the day by the eggs!

Lunch  & Dinner

Dinner is ready to be surfed - Wasaga has something to offer


Stay in and enjoy your lovely cottage...

Bars & Nightlife

Find out for what Wasaga Beach is notoriously famous!

Fine Dining

Enjoy something special - you derserve it!

Sweets & Ice Cream

Keep calm and treat yourself:)

Hollywood Cottages | Wasaga Beach Restaurants near Hamilton, Canada