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Georgian Triangle Music Festival 2016 – Venue, Dates, and Highlights

Wasaga Beach is the premier destination of Ontario, and indeed, the whole of Canada, particularly during the summers. The longest freshwater beach in the world attracts millions of tourists every year to its white sandy beaches. A number of regular events keep the atmosphere lively and interesting, providing tourists with more reasons to visit the town.

The community of Wasaga Beach has done a remarkable job of promoting art and culture through such events. They were also successful at creating awareness about various art forms and diminishing music genres among residents and visitors. Over the years, a number of shows and events have turned into annual affairs. Some of the major attractions include film festivals for short films and feature length movies, art shows, and various music festivals. Among music events, genre specific festivals dedicated to Blues, Jazz, Electronic, Country, etc, are turning into popular annual events. Other events feature special performers like busking festivals. Yet, few of them are as extensive as the Georgian Triangle Music Festival.

The Georgian Triangle Music Festival is best described as a celebration of music for its own sake. It is a multi-genre and multi-venue event, spread out over a three day period. This year marks the fourth edition of this music festival. The event is spread out over three days – June 30th, July 1st, and 2nd, coinciding with the Canada Day celebrations. The event is scheduled to be held in 8 local venues, drawing in patrons and fans of a genre or introducing it to fresh ears.

The Georgian Triangle Music Festival features bands from throughout the Georgian Bay area, and from other parts of Ontario and Canada. The festival does an effective job at promoting local talent. Various events leading up to the festival are aimed at local school children, residents, and tourists. They promote the various genres and artists while also creating an awareness of music and culture.

This year, the Georgian Triangle Music Festival coincides with the start of the FireFit Event and the Canada Day celebrations. Visitors and tourists may find it tough to find accommodation during the festival. It is a good idea to book early to ensure you have a place to stay. A centrally located cottage inn or hotel can provide easy access to all the venues as well as the beach. Should you wish to be a more active participant, you can contact the organizers and find out more about openings for volunteers for the event. The Georgian Triangle Music Festival presents an excellent opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of music and cultural events. There are few better ways to spend a late summer weekend.

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