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Wasaga Beach Motorcycle Rally 2016: A Real Crowd Pleaser

Wasaga Beach has always provided a platform for events which are encouraged by the community and adored by visitors. Events like the Blues Music Festival and Wasaga Film Festival have proven a great success in the past. They are gaining popularity and support from people with each passing year.

These events are also essential for the economy of the townspeople of Wasaga Beach and the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, the authority that manages the sparkling freshwater beaches. These events promote local business and help attract more tourists.

Wasaga has always supported car and bike rallies and has been a proud host of such rallies in the past. The bike rally attracts bikers from all over Canada and North America. Every type of bike is on display here. From cruisers and baggers to sports bikes and even spyders are all equally welcome. Proud owners of the marvelous bikes come here and show off their machines and test each other’s skills in the rally. The rally takes place on the beach drive. As you might imagine, the scene unfolds on a wide road alongside blue waters and hundreds of shining bikes parading past majestically.

During the rally, parking is free in the event area for all vehicles. It is as much a way to promote the event as creating convenience. Organizers are always eager to attract more bikers to such events. These rallies are crowd pulling events and all people, residents or tourists love them.

The bike rally brings in a number of professional bikers to join the event. They present their personal custom-made bikes. Custom bike makers and modifiers also come here to promote their business and show off their latest creations. They often find potential customers here and love the support and admiration their creations get from the crowd. Professional bike stuntmen perform difficult stunts like the ground zero, burnouts, wheelies, and more. Their passion and connection of the riders with their machines is exceptional and inspiring to behold.

The 2016 Wasaga Beach Bike Rally is scheduled from 15th to 17th of July, 2016. It has all the makings of and promises to be a huge event. The summer will definitely be hotter this year. This year’s rally is all set to take the combination of man and machine to new heights.

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