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The Various Events Held in Wasaga Beach

With warmth and energy in the environment, a vacation in Wasaga Beach feels like a festival in itself. The beach is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. People come here to enjoy fresh water beaches, various watersports, and several exciting events held throughout the year. In the peak season, some event or the other takes place almost every day.

The popular events in the town include the famous musical festivals. People come from all over the world to enjoy the Blues and Jazz Music Festival. Some of the biggest names in the genre have performed here. Wasaga Beach is becoming a second home to contemporary Blues artists and they perform here frequently. The festival is accompanied by special programs where schoolchildren are introduced to Blues. The community actively takes part in the festival, and a large number of visiting volunteers help organize the event. The event is accompanied by film festivals and radio shows that are usually centered on an influential artist from the past.

Among the various beach festivals, the kite festival has assumed special status. It involves visiting families and allows the parents to share quality time with their children. The adults love to relive their own childhood and pass on the skills of flying a kite to the next generation. The children love the free open areas often denied to them in modern cities as the skies are filled with hundreds of colorful dots.

Wasaga beach also hosts bike rallies. These rallies attract all types of bikes including choppers, baggers, and sports bikes. Enthusiastic bikers show off their bikes and stunts as they astonish the gathered crowd with their tricks and stunts.

The community also organizes various shopping events, where tourists can avail the benefits of sales and discounts. These shopping events are run on different occasions, often centered on a theme. There a number of other non-annual and one-off events. Air shows, horse-riding performances, vintage car rallies, and many other festivals are regularly announced every summer.

People who love excitement, appreciate culture, and have respect for natural beauty must visit Wasaga Beach. It is not just a great tourist spot, but also teaches us how we can preserve our environment and cherish our culture.

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