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How to Find a Perfect Accommodation for Your Family in Wasaga Beach

Accommodation is a serious concern when planning family vacations. It is difficult to pick a place that can satisfy the needs and requirements of both adults and children. However, when it comes to Wasaga beach, there is no dearth of excellent accommodations.

Wasaga beach offers cottage houses, waterfront cottages, Luxury beach houses, river resorts, and family cottages. Family cottages can have up to 3 bedrooms, and are usually located within walking distance of the beach. Compared to luxury hotels, they are an economic option but do not lack comfort or hygiene. They also give you the freedom to cook your food or eat out. The staff will be more than happy to give you appropriate recommendations.

Facilities such as wireless internet, LCD TV, cable, DVD players, air conditioners, and garage access are all readily available. While some of these may not be essential on a beach holiday, they can be invaluable in keeping your children occupied.

Cottages are furnished with linens, towels and basic toiletries and have laundry facilities on site. Most kitchen appliances and tea and coffee makers are available on arrival. Special requests can be made for appliances like a microwave or clothing iron. The properties have generous lawn space. Picnic tables and barbeque grills are spread out and free for use. It is not uncommon to spend one day away from the beach and have a family barbeque. You even cook your food and have a picnic on the beach. Should you need it, the boardwalk as numerous free-to-use shaded picnic tables.

The cottages are located quite close to all the attractions like the beach, mini-golf course, go–kart tracks, and numerous eateries of various sizes serving cuisine from around the world. There are also nature trails for hiking and bicycling while the Nottawasaga River offers canoeing, kayaking, rafting and river-nature tours.

The timing of your trip is an important detail as summer sees millions of tourists arrive, particularly over the weekends. It is crucial to book early to avoid the rush.

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