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Look for the Perfect Beach Getaway at Wasaga Beach

More than two million tourists visit Wasaga Beach every year. During summer, tourists outnumber local residents by over ten to one. Accommodation under such a heavy influx of travelers would be a nightmare anywhere else, but Wasaga beach has some of the best cottages that offer clean and comfortable rooms and a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Most cottage establishments in Wasaga Beach are small family run businesses. Therefore, the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Staying at one of these cottages opens up a world of things to see and do in and around the town.

The 14km (8.7 mile) stretch of the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park is divided into six beaches numbered one to six, along with a few additional small beaches. Wasaga beach also provides a panoramic view of the mountains across the Georgian Bay. The sunsets are some of the most spectacular views you will ever see.

Wasaga beach has a wide boardwalk on beaches 1 and 2, with unrestricted views of the beach and the crystal clear water. There are also walkways almost up to the water on beaches 2 and 5 for all kinds of wheeled traffic and pedestrians. All-terrain wheelchairs are readily available as well. Other conveniences include many wheelchair accessible stalls and comfort stations.

The beach also hosts many festivals throughout the year. Music shows are quite common, especially in the summer. Other events include kite festivals, beach volleyball tournaments, beach workout events, and much more. Other popular events like motorcycle rallies, vintage car rallies, aircraft shows by the Canadian air force are major attractions too.

The Nottawasaga River also provides a number of fun activities and events throughout the year. Canoeing and kayaking are available from different spots and lets you enjoy the scenery and history of the town. Fishing and rafting are popular draws as well.

A large number of restaurants, cafes, steakhouses, bars and taverns serve Canadian, European, Caribbean and other cuisines. Whether you want an ice cream or a family dinner, you will have no dearth of options.

If you want to spend some time away from the water, you have that too. You can go camping in one of the various campgrounds in the area, or spend an afternoon at the Nancy Island Historic site. A Go-Kart track, golf courses, paintball, hiking trails, and many more activities offer everything you need for unlimited fun on your holiday.


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