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Rental Cottages in Wasaga Beach: Best Place to Relax

When it comes to holidaying in Wasaga Beach, there are a lot of things to do. Be it any time of the year, summer or winter, Wasaga Beach has a lot to offer. During the summer, people come from all over the place to enjoy the world’s largest freshwater beach. Besides that, there are a lot of hiking and cycling trails. During the winter, snowmobile trails and cross-country skiing are also available. There are educational tours at the Nancy Island historical site, mini and regular golf courses, a go-kart track, fishing, canoeing, paintball, and other fun activities that are open all year.

Wasaga beach is famous for cheap but comfortable lodging and accommodation available in rental cottages. Many of these beautiful cottages often come with exotic views, owing to their scenic locations. Being a small town, major attractions are usually close by, often within a minute or two of walking. The cottages are clean, comfortable and have several amenities for their guests. The air conditioned rooms will also have an LCD flat screen TV, Wi-Fi, coffee maker, cooking utensils and more. There is usually more than one picnic table and outdoor barbecue on the premises that you can enjoy with your family. Usually, more advanced cooking appliances like microwave ovens are arranged on request. The cottages are meant to provide guests a relaxing and comfortable environment that they can enjoy. They are not for the finicky traveler who would want round the clock room service. These cottages are perfect for people who appreciate being close to nature and want to enjoy the peaceful and quiet ambiance.

The lack of frivolous bells and whistles is a blessing that most tourists can appreciate. They get to have the cottage to themselves and follow their routine. Sometimes guests get together and organize a barbecue on the premises, offering a chance to socialize and make new friends. This allows Wasaga Beach to maintain a small town charm despite attracting over two million tourists every year.

Wasaga beach has some of the best cottages that offer excellent accommodation and a comfortable bed to get back to after a full day of activities. The cottages in Wasaga beach are focused on offering the tourists a warm and relaxed stay.


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